Bangla Press Club is a Journalists Association in Italy (BPCI). This organization of the journalists Correspondents of different print & electronic media. specially working in Italy (IT) as Bangladeshi Community. Bangla press Club, Italy (BPCI) was established in the year 2009. BPCI is a Registed Journalists’ Association in Italy, This organization registed 08/08/2014 and got registration number 13215 in Rome acording to low of Italy. indeed is a Bangladeshi who are living in Italy and journalists engaged in the mainstream of the mass media comprising newspapers, television channels, radio broadcasting, internet-based online news outlets etc associate themselves for improvement of their skills and also for recreation to minimise their day to day professional strains.

Currently, the President of BPCI is Shawon Ahamed (Correspondent of Bangla TV, Dhaka), and General Secretary is Labonno Chowdhury (Correspondent of 71 TV, Dhaka). In This organization have another Branch like Bangla Press club, Milan. who are also involved journalists Correspondents of different print & electronic media from Milan, Italy.

BPCI in not only work for journalists, its also lot of activities for Bangladeshi Community in Italy. privous year throuh’s many programme for community and future generations.